Mission Statement.

As the only independent voice for business in the Taupō region, the local Chamber team works tirelessly towards our intent of building an organisation delivering our key goals of Advocacy, Networking and Business Capability.

We break this down into several areas of focus, against which we measure our own success, namely:

• Building a strong credible voice for local business. 
• Sustainability, both in terms of finances and governance. 
• Seen as “THE” networking medium for business. 
• Creating a strong family of sponsors. 
• An active and engaged Industrial sector. 
• Maintaining a positive influence in the Taupo community. 
• Driving collaboration across Taupo agencies delivering economic development. 
• Supporting a vibrant, motivated, connected business community

We look forward to more businesses joining the Taupō Chamber network - as we provide a stronger voice when we work together.