The Taupō Business Chamber is an independent voice of business in the Taupō district. As a board, we have a strong commitment to growing our future business leaders and wish to pass on our skills and passion to an emerging leader.

Governance plays an important role in the leadership lifecycle.  It is a way to lift our gaze from the day to day running of our businesses and a way to make a greater community contribution.  It is a way to make a positive change for businesses as a community rather than just one person at a time.

Working at a board level with the Chamber team, the successful applicant will assist Chamber as an independent voice of business on behalf of our members, have a strong confidentiality ethic, build strong and lasting relationships with a huge range of people within the district and most importantly, help build success and business acumen in others around them.

The intern will be a young leader (within the first 10 years of their career) currently working in the Taupō district, either employed or self-employed.  The successful applicant will serve for 12 months as a non-voting member of the Taupō Chamber and participate fully in every aspect of the board.  The applicant will need an interest in governance, a passion for making the boat go faster and the ability to work with a range of people and personalities. We’re proud to have gender equality on our current board and want our board to reflect our community so we actively seek interns to increase diversity on the board and we encourage applications from anyone interested in broadening business horizons and improve the business acumen of the District.

The intern will be expected to attend monthly board meetings, monthly networking events and undertake subcommittee duties when required.  The time commitment is estimated to be around 6 hours a month at this stage. This may vary depending on project involvement.

A detailed Position Description can be found here.

The position will begin on April 1, 2022 and end on March 31, 2023.  Applications must be received by 14th March 2022 and include:

  1. Current CV
  2. Any other previous experience in volunteer-type organisations
  3. Examples where you can demonstrate working in a collaborative approach.
  4. Outline of what you think some of the key issues facing local businesses.
  5. Your ability to network.

Send your applications to: