Taupо̄ has been my home for over 10 years. Just one of the reasons I chose to move to this amazing region is the fantastic opportunities for young professionals who are focused on providing the best future for our vibrant community.

With a background in events management, I’ve worked with many local and out-of-town businesses to bring some amazing events to life! Having three bustling young boys, who like to try their hand at any sport available, I’ve recently settled into a new career with Aon Insurance. This role still sees me working closely with a range of locals. plus it provides me with the flexibility to spend a lot more time with my husband and children, making the most of our beautiful lake!

I'm excited to be on the board for the Taupō Business Chamber this year. I‘ve been very fortunate to have been offered such wonderful opportunities during my time here in Taupо̄ and I’m looking forward to contributing to the growth of our amazing region.