Thursday, 5th July, 2018

Cheal announces a new Director

Not so new to Cheal, in fact he’s been with us for 24 years, but we are delighted to have appointed Anthony Moss as Director of the Company.

Anthony joined Cheal as Senior Surveyor back in the 90’s after a solid grounding with the Department of Lands and Survey, Land Information New Zealand in Hamilton. Widely respected by peers and clients alike, Anthony has a reputation for building excellent relationships.

His love of the ski fields and any kind of water has been the perfect match for survey projects whether they be up on Mt Ruapehu where he has been spotted skiing with his Survey gear tucked away in a back pack, or on the lake carrying out hydrographic surveys, there seems to be very little to ruffle Anthony’s feathers.

Over the last 3 years Anthony has established a new office for Cheal in Hamilton where he has been busy growing a team of professionals and developing solid client relationships. We are delighted that he’s taken this next step and we are sure that as a Director he will have a great deal to offer in the continued development of Cheal.

Anthony joins existing Directors Dave Forsyth, Phil Rielly and Phil Battersby.

For more information contact Rebecca Hawke, email:
Rebecca Hawke, Business Manager / Principal, Cheal Consultants.