Monday, 22nd January, 2018

Aaron Palmer from Bargeworx has spent a lot of time in Taupo over the years enjoying and participating in events. 

He decided to start something that could help support current events on and around the lake along with creating a service to transport goods to out of the way places or support the upgrade of infrastructure.

The vessel is a purpose-built landing craft with roll on roll off capacity. A highly versatile vessel that is ideal as a stable, safe work platform for events filming or construction. Sufficient room is available to erect a marque whilst on station with open access to the water via the front cargo door should it be required.

The vessel has the capacity to load at ramps or beaches then transport cargo at an economical speed to its destination.

If your requirement is getting something to a tricky spot, need space to float an idea or event or just a bit of civil work give them a call 

Aaron Palmer
021 204 1861