Monday, 26th November, 2018

If you’re wondering what life will be like as the 2019 Taupō Business Chamber Intern, we’d like to share some insights with you. We’ve asked Rory Scott, our 2018 Intern, and Catie Noble, our President, about the 2018 Intern experience.

Rory Scott - 2018 Board Intern

I applied for the position of Intern Board Member with the Taupo Business Chamber as a means to actively engage in the Taupo community and expand on my existing governance experience.

The Board itself is made up of a great group of individuals all of whom have different expertise and backgrounds which provides a great environment and it has been a rewarding experience to be part of and one that I have thoroughly enjoyed.

2018 has been a particularly busy year for both Taupo and the Board with multiple matters including the precinct development and the 10-year plan for the region. The Chamber is at the forefront of these issues and being the 2018 Board Intern has afforded me an opportunity to be part of decisions that will shape the region’s future. A particular highlight for me was being part of the launch of Elevate Series which has already seen four keynote speakers share their experiences and knowledge with the business community.

The 2019-year shapes up to be just as exciting with ongoing discussions around the precinct development, the Taupo Business Awards and the continuation of the Elevate series. There is no time like the present to get involved. My experience overall has been both enjoyable and rewarding both personally and professionally, and to anyone who is interested in both adding to their governance experience and engaging in the Taupo Business community in a meaningful way, I thoroughly recommend you apply for the 2019 Intern Board Member position.

Catie Noble - Taupō Business Chamber President

The intern role was created in 2018 to help the Taupo Business Chamber in several ways. We wanted to broaden our gaze, promote diversity and have a person that could represent members in the first 10 years of their career.

Another aspect was about fostering and growing leadership capability. The board was keen to make sure that we are able to share the skills that we have cultivated over many years in business but also to learn from our intern. How could we represent members if we didn't have a representative?

From my perspective as chairperson, I have relished the discussion promoted by having an intern - a fresh perspective and new way of looking at things. It has been great to see Rory work with members to build networks and get involved in advocating on their in the council chambers about significant projects for the town.

If you think this will be too difficult - you are wrong!
If you think you are not experienced enough - you are!
If you think you don't have anything to offer - you do!
If you think you aren't board material - neither am I!

Apply to be the 2019 Intern Board member here.

For more information contact Jo Caira, 07 277 2177.
Jo Caira, Engagement Officer, Taupō Business Chamber.