Disclaimer: these videos are brief and general in nature. You should seek professional advice before taking any action in relation to the matters dealt within them.

Social Media Law Series - Part 1

Do you communicate using social media channels? Do you know of any legal ramifications? Social Media gives you huge power to reach your customers. How do you make sure you and they play nicely in this space?

Social Media Law Series Part 2

Social Media gives your customers and others huge power to attack you and your business, rightly or wrongly. Listen to expert guidance on many social media law questions.

Importers/Exporters: Foreign Currency & Your Profit

Businesses engaged in importing and exporting should watch this. The risks of losing profit due to currency movement is real. Includes an offer to trial FXSNAP, a foreign currency sensitivity tool. Features Stuart Henderson, Partner, PWC Treasury Advisory.

FXSNAP - Tutorial

Call 0800CHAMBER to arrange your free trial of FXSNAP. Featuring PWC Treasury Advisory Experts - Stuart Henderson and Alex Wondergem.