Exploring New Opportunities

Since 1983, New Zealand has had a great trading relationship with Australia, and we now have an opportunity to address that again.

We believe that after the Covid-19 lockdown in our country the first borders that we will open will be Australia, and the Pacific. This will be a great opportunity for SMEs to do business with each other and take advantage of this trusted relationship.

Thanks to agreements like the CER - Closer Economic Relations and SEM - Single Economic Market, we are able to support businesses at such a trying time.

The Auckland Business Chamber has introduced an exciting platform for international trade between New Zealand and Australia -  www.Transtasmantrade.com

You can tap into the valuable resources and networks of Business Chambers on both sides of the Tasman.
The Trans-Tasman Trade online business platform, transtasmantrade.com/, helps you find suitable and trusted businesses partners in both countries.

We can help you to fast track your business by saving you time on google or a multitude of websites, and phone calls looking for that elusive partner.

You can list your business, search for business partners, and access exporting advice or information on doing business in New Zealand and Australia.

Thanks to Closer Economic Relations our governments have acknowledged that trade between our countries should be a priority.

The Auckland Chamber has created a platform that makes this trading easier for Chamber businesses of all sizes.
So list your business now at: transtasmantrade.com/ and start super charging your connections.