New Zealand maintains economic and cultural links, but does not maintain diplomatic relations with Taiwan. New Zealand’s economic and cultural interests in Taiwan are represented by the New Zealand Commerce and Industry Office and Taiwan's interests in New Zealand by the Taipei Economic and Cultural Offices in Wellington and Auckland.

The absence of political or diplomatic links does not hinder trading, economic and cultural relationship. Taiwan remains a key export market, an important source of imports, a significant tourism market and a source of investment. There is a large Taiwanese community in New Zealand and the New Zealand community in Taiwan is growing. Cultural links between the aboriginal people of Taiwan and Māori are also growing.

New Zealand and Taiwan are both members of APEC where Taiwan (as Chinese Taipei) is a member and the WTO (where Taiwan is known as the Separate Customs Territory of Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen and Matsu (Chinese Taipei), as well as in a number of fisheries conventions and the OECD (where Taiwan participates in the Steel, Competition Policy and Trade Committees).

Key factors

Land Area: The island of Taiwan has an area of 36,000 sq km.
Population: 23 million
Capital City: Taipei
Religion: Buddhism, Daoism and Christianity have the greatest following
Official Language: Mandarin but Taiyu (Hokkien dialect) is also in usage


GDP: US$467 billion (2011)
GDP Breakdown: (2009) Manufacturing 21.4%; Commerce 18.9%; Finance, insurance & business services 18.7%; Government services 11.0%; Transport & communications 6.3%; Construction 1.7%; Agriculture, forestry & fishing 1.6%; Electricity, gas & water 1.5%
GDP Per Capita: US$41,386 (2011)* when adjusted using purchasing power parity
Exports: US$307.0 billion (2011) US$274.3 billion (2010)
Imports: US$279.2 billion (2011) US$247.4 billion (2010)
Main exports: (2009) Electronic products: US$62.8 billion; Optical, photographic measuring and medical instruments: US$14.7 billion; Machinery: US$17.1 billion; Iron, Steel and articles: US$14.3 billion; Chemicals: US$11.3 billion; Electrical machinery products: US$9.9 billion; IT&C Products: US$9.3 billion; Other metal goods US$10.9 billion; Yarns: US$8.7 billion; Transportation equipment: US$7.4 billion
Current account: US$41.6 billion (2011) US$39.9 billion (2010)
Inflation: 1.4% (2011) 1.4% (2010)
Unemployment: 4.4% (2011) 5.2% (2010)
Foreign Exchange Reserves: US$390.6 billion (2011)
Total External Debt: US$125.7 billion (2010)*

Source: 'EIU' = Economist Intelligence Unit

NZ-Taiwan Trade snapshot

NZ Exports (FOB): NZ$804 million (year ending June 2012) – 12th largest export market
Main Exports: Dairy, Meat, Fruits and nuts, Wood and wood items, Preparations of cereals
NZ Imports (CIF): NZ$823 million (year ending June 2012) – 15th largest import market
Main Imports: Mineral fuels, Electrical machinery, Machinery, Iron and steel, Plastics
Tourism: 18,112 (year ending June 2012)