The ASEAN Business Leaders Forum is an Auckland Chamber of Commerce platform established to help you capitalise on the preferential access that New Zealand traders have to countries in the ASEAN region. 

The FTAs that New Zealand has in the region bring New Zealand businesses trading with ASEAN countries substantial benefits that include improved market access for goods and greater certainty and transparency for New Zealand service suppliers and investors looking to operate in the ASEAN markets.

These FTAs contain measures to improve business access and promote cooperation in a broad range of economic areas of mutual interest.

The mandate of the ASEAN Business Leaders Forum is to broaden and deepen the support available to ASEAN traders and service providers, and to provide a framework through which trade and investment linkages in the region can evolve and expand.

The ASEAN Business Leaders Forum supports emerging and established ASEAN traders by providing:

  • Expertise in the interpretation of ASEAN FTAs including guidance about which ASEAN FTA you should be trading within in the region to ensure you are getting the maximum benefits available to you
  • Assistance with ASEAN Trade Documentation. The Auckland Chamber is an authorised body for the certification of ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand FTA Certificates of Origin, and can certify other required trade documentation
  • Assistance with finding customers/distributors/suppliers in major ASEAN markets including Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Viet Nam and Indonesia through established International Chamber of Commerce networks
  • ASEAN focused market intelligence events, seminars and Forum sessions that provide a platform for accessing advice and support not only from the Chamber, but also from fellow members
  • Regular dialogue with Government and other industry bodies about the challenges kiwi businesses face when trading with ASEAN countries
  • Notification of new and emerging opportunities for New Zealand businesses in the ASEAN region
  • A free recruitment service via the Chamber’s Migrant Kiwis Employment and Project Work Programme and New Kiwis, matching highly skilled migrants with employers


To join please email